Styling Bookshelves: Achieving Minimalist Style on Your Bookshelves

In today's fast-paced world, minimalism has become increasingly popular as a means of simplifying our lives.

If you're someone who embraces minimalism and wants to showcase it in your home decor, check out our guide that is full of tips for how you can use a few books, interesting artwork, and other similar objects to create an effortlessly and minimal look on your bookcase.

The Anna Frame: Displaying Elegance and Simplicity

Nesso's Anna frame is an excellent choice for displaying cherished memories and enhancing the minimalist aesthetic of your bookshelves. Its sleek design, combined with the high-quality materials used to create it, ensures a sophisticated touch.

"If you like stacking books horizontally, picture frames like the Anna Frame make an excellent duet on lower shelves."

Opt for simple black-and-white photographs or art prints to complement the frame's minimalist appeal. The neutral color palette will seamlessly blend in with your book collection, adding an elegant focal point while keeping the room and overall look balanced and uncluttered.

You can also display other small objects around the Anna Frame, adding floral arrangements or a few pieces of artwork. If you like stacking books horizontally, picture frames like the Anna Frame make an excellent duet to stack on lower shelves. These frames will give a glimpse of your life and is an excellent way to fill some unused space, making the entire shelf Instagram worthy.

The Harrison Watch Case: Curating Orderliness on a Shelving Unit

If you're a watch aficionado, the Harrison watch case from Nesso is perfect for organizing your timepieces while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. Its clean compartments and transparent lid provide an unobtrusive way to display your collection. This watch case is an excellent complement to a built in bookcase that will create visual weight to other items in the space.

Place and bookends the watch case on a shelf, allowing its geometric design and sleek finish to harmonize with the surrounding decor. The watches within the case will add a touch of sophistication to your bookshelf, emphasizing your refined taste and attention to detail.


"...the Harrison watch case from Nesso is perfect for organizing your timepieces while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic."

If you have a bigger collection of watches, you may also find the larger Harrison Watch Case more to your liking. Either case will add visual interest while leaving plenty of breathing room on the bookcase.

Italian artisans designed and crafted it using calfskin leather and intricate, handmade stitching. The bookshelf top is made with a glass top and brass hardware, allowing you to see the contents of your case without lifting it from the bookshelf. Whether you go with the small or large collection case for your watches, you will find that bookshelf styling is easy with Nesso.

The Jamie Valet Tray: Add Personality and Balance While Storing Essentials

Minimalism and styling thrives on simplicity and functionality. With Nesso's Jamie valet tray, you can ensure that your daily essentials have a designated space. Place this meticulously crafted, leather-covered tray on one of the shelves to store small items like keys, sunglasses, or other objects and accessories.

The tray's minimalist design will complement your other bookshelf styling while simultaneously using white space, decluttering the space and adding an element of organization. The Jamie valet tray is an attractive and practical addition to any minimalist bookshelf setup.

"Minimalism thrives on simplicity and functionality."

This tray offers the multipurpose function of providing storage space while still adding a sense of decor to the shelf. It is intricately designed with high-quality leather and comes in various colors like orange, tan, green, or blue. With this selection of colors, you'll be able to balance the color scheme of decor throughout the entire shelf.

You can place this tray next to more significant items to vary heights of your object on the shelf to add dimension and shape. Place it on top of a stack of few horizontal books or beside a pile of other decorative objects like a vase, or a picture frame for that appealing visual effect.

The Chessboard: Aesthetic Appeal and Intellectual Delight

"On its own, Nesso's chessboard is a beautiful piece of art that is elegantly crafted with fine Italian calfskin leather."

To add a touch of sophistication, style and intellectual stimulation to your bookshelves, consider incorporating Nesso's chessboard. Its minimalist design exudes elegance, acting as both a decorative piece and an entertaining activity.

Place the chess set on a shelf, creating a visually captivating arrangement. The contrasting colors and shape of the chess pieces against the neutral backdrop will draw interest without overwhelming the overall minimalist aesthetic.

Nesso's Chessboard will add interest and create that minimal look you're going for on your bookshelves. On its own, it is a beautiful piece of art that is elegantly crafted with fine Italian calfskin leather. There is nothing else that will add interest to otherwise negative space than to display this fine piece of art. Moreover, the chessboard serves as a reminder to take breaks from reading, encouraging thoughtful engagement with ideas and fostering a balanced approach to life.

The Lucy: Contain Your Large Collection of Jewelry in One Place

Instead of using multiple storage boxes for your many other objects, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, consider incorporating The Lucy Jewelry Box. Designed with soft leather and protective padding, this box is the perfect solution for keeping small objects like jewelry on one shelf.

"Because of the beauty and elegance of Lucy, it is also great to use as a focal point when styling bookshelves."

The Lucy can provide functional storage while serving as one of the bookends for vertically positioned bookshelves. You can also place it next to a vase or other decorative items such as picture frames, flowers, or art pieces.

Because of the beauty and elegance of Lucy, it is also great to use as inspiration and a focal point when styling bookshelves. These fine jewelry storage boxes come in three colors; blue, rose, and cream, allowing you to customize your bookshelf's color scheme in a way that makes the most sense.

You will find the Lucy Jewelry Box a perfect choice for bookshelf and wall styling, as it is valuable to store your keepsakes safely and in a way that complements the room's interior design.

Achieve Stylish Shelves!

Achieving a minimalist style on your bookshelves is made effortless by the innovative designs of Nesso's Anna frame, Harrison watch case, Jamie valet tray, chessboard, and the Lucy Jewelry Box.

Remember, minimalism is all about keeping things simple, organized, and visually pleasing.

By incorporating these Nesso products, you can transform your bookshelf into a chic space that reflects your sophisticated taste and appreciation for streamlined living.

Make your mission of styling bookcases fun, functional, and easy by visiting the Nesso Brand shop today!