About Us

Nesso Brand was inspired by a love for Italy and an appreciation for its materials and artisans. Nesso goes straight to the source of the world’s best tanneries and factories, Florence, Italy and works directly with artisans to bring you the highest quality luxury leather goods at prices that are fair. Our artisans make products for the world's top luxury brands at 2-3x our prices, so our customers get the highest quality, for less. 

Picture of one of Nesso's leather picture frames, perfect for gifting, with the Nesso logo behind it 


In the Summer of 2018, Jack McCue was on his annual trip to Italy to visit his mother’s family in Milan.  His mother took him to the Duomo and shopping on Via Monte Napoleone where he walked through designer boutiques and noticed the handcrafted leather goods with expensive prices. 

After Milan, Jack headed onto Florence to tour its galleries and museums and went shopping in the famed San Lorenzo leather market.  There, he was perusing backpacks and wallets paying particular attention to the pricing, he didn’t understand why the handmade goods were so moderately priced.  He learned that local artisans would make these items and bring them to the market to sell, and that these very artisans which once made Florence the epicenter of the leather industry were a dying trade. 


Picture of Jack, Nesso founder, in Italy, close to where Nesso's goods are sourced from

In the Summer of 2019, Jack traveled back to Italy to tour its most important leather manufacturing area, the Santa Croce sull’Arno, which is located between Florence and Pisa where he visited tanneries and artisanal leather producers.  These artisanal leather producers are masters of leather known for craftsmanship of cutting, fitting, sewing, stitching and hand finishing.  In the factories, while his mother translated with the artisans, Nesso was conceived.  Nesso would partner with these local artisans to directly source materials and manufacture luxury leather specialty goods.  Jack spent the past year bringing the brand to life with help of family and friends. Welcome to Nesso.

Picture of Jack considering leather samples for Nesso's goods - ensuring we have the highest quality leather at the best prices

Nesso is the first direct to consumer luxury leather goods brand cutting out the middlemen, creating  jobs for local artisans in Florence while selling luxury leather goods for less.   Nesso Brand is where traditional artisanal talent meets modern day luxury items. All of our items are made in Italy with 100 percent local materials and uphold the Italian tradition of flawless craftmanship. 

Picture of the craftsman workshops where all of Nesso's goods are made by hand in Italy

Nesso Brand was inspired by the breathtaking waterfall, the Orrido di Nesso, found off the eastern branch of Lake Como, which is Jack’s favorite place to visit every Summer.  To find it is an adventure, go to the small bridge that overlooks the river from the edge of the cataract, you can see the thunderous water bounce off the waves of the lake; behind you can see the Alpine riverbed disappearing in the mountains.  The majesty of the waterfall is the middle where the water abandons the cliff to a clear pool below, one mile back from the lake. 

Picutre of Jack diving in Lake Nesso, Nesso's namesake

Orrido di Nesso’s beauty reflects the very beauty of Nesso Brand’s leather goods and is as local to Italy as the artisans are in Florence, which the brand was built to support.

Picture of the backgammon board, close up to show craftsmanship and high quality of leather