The Story Of Nesso

When you think of Italy you may picture a country that houses the iconic Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the canals of Venice, beautiful art, exquisite food, wine and the stunning Mediterranean coastline. But ask an Italian about what makes them unique? Without skipping a beat, you just might hear them say - La Famiglia. Family is at the heart of the Italian way of life and infact one of its essential characteristics. Traditionally Italians will use any excuse to celebrate an occasion to spend time together: a casual dinner, catching up between errands, a game night or celebrating birthdays. 

Nesso is an ode to the simpler things in life that bring you unlimited joy!

"Nesso" is an Italian word meaning connection or link. A connection to some of the fondest memories our founder Jack has of growing up in Italy, of his beloved grandfather playing cards with friends on the terrace of the family home overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany. A good life is a collection of happy memories and the best thing about memories is making them! Nesso is a celebration of all things Italians hold dear and an opportunity to stay connected and make lasting memories with your family. To immortalize these fleeting moments of love and togetherness, we created a collection of luxury board games. 

Premium board games handcrafted from exquisite leather by local artisans in Italy

The Sebastien Backgammon Set


Handcrafted from exquisite leather by the local artisans in Italy, these premium board games transport Jack back to a time where his cousins taught him to play checkers whilst eating an afternoon gelato in the countryside. Our luxury board games are handmade by exceptional craftsmen who have spent decades mastering the art. A big part of Italian culture is an attention to detail and high-quality. Nesso fosters these values by creating leather pieces that not only bring everyone together and commemorate beautiful memories but also seamlessly blend into your decor while making a statement. Connect with your loved ones over a game or cards or 

The home is your sanctuary and safe haven and at Nesso we hope to punctuate your style with pieces that are stunning yet functional. Nesso is an ode to the simpler things in life that bring you unlimited joy! Check out some of our bespoke game boards here!